Another year of hiring camper vans over. We have now decided to cease trading and dispose of excess vehicles and concentrate on the restoration of sitting projects. We would like to thank everyone who has hired a vehicle from us over the last 5 years. Hopefully the holidays you had have created many long-term memories for you and your families.

Two vehicles Jones and Godfrey have already been sold and departed. Wilson our T4 Autosleeper and Walker our T2 Jurgens Autovilla are for up for sale. Any interest please get in touch via our Facebook page. Our Facebook page will continue and be updated with progress on current projects.

Projects on the go and in the queue include: 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Pick Up, 1955 Wessex Craftsman Caravan, 1979 VW T2 Devon Moonraker, 1979 WW T2 Westfalia Berlin (US Import)

For Sale

For Sale
Wilson image

Meet Wilson
1992 T4 Autosleeper Trident Hitop

Wilson was the first of the transporter model range to have the engine mounted in the front with front wheel drive. Wilson has a fully fitted interior by the popular van conversion company Autosleeper.

For Sale
Walker image

Meet Walker
1975 T2 Bay Window Jurgens Auto Villa

Walker is a 1975 T2 Bay window South African Jurgens Auto Villa conversion. This vehicle has been imported from South Africa and is currently undergoing refurbishment and will be available for hire from March 2018.